Sunday, August 9, 2009


Thursday, Dad asked me to go to see the new Harry Potter film with him. Yes, he really did - are you astounded too? He just knew I wanted to go. As usual, I stewed over the parts that they left out, but I don't really want to be in the theater 10 hours or so watching the whole thing. There seemed to be a lot of whooshing around going on in this one. Very fast. Too fast...

After, we used a gift card and went to Chili's, where we found the 2 for $20. dinners. We ordered our appetizer and when we had finished that we were ready to go home. We made a serious effort to eat our entree and quickly gave up, taking both that and our mini desserts home. The next night we ate from their menu again. It was novel, and fun.

Mally had a great time at camp. She chose the medical track this year and ended up by dissecting both an arm and a cow's heart. She was indignant that the cow's heart squirted 'cow juice' on her. Probably formaldehyde. Yuk. But she is sick now - with a bad throat. Since they are planning a a trip to Schlitterbahn, Nancy will probably take her to the Doc in a Box for some help to get her well.

Scooters dear Aunt Mary has died and we will go to the visitation tonight and the funeral in the morning. She was a lovely lady and very gracious and kind to us both -- we thought very highly of her. She was always interested in Scooter and gave him a great deal of academic help while he was in college.

At the doctors suggestion I tried knitting again with this sprained finger. Yesterday at the Fiber Arts group I discovered I can't use the finger yet, but the second finger works just fine, so I'm off again. So many projects in mind that I have trouble deciding what to do next.



Mary Beth said...

Yay for Dad! He gets a sticker for that. I still haven't seen it but sure want to.

Glad you had good dinner out and one in! :)


love, mb

MJ said...

Who knows and who wants to? My dissections are limited the frog in high school. Pewwwww.

We can go back and see Harry while you are here if you'd like. M