Friday, November 6, 2009

chortle, chortle

:) :) :) :) --- also yippee skippee and huzzah!

I have been cut off from my computer for two days! It demanded a password which I didn't have and couldn't get. The clue was daughter. I tried all of your combinations, including the names of all of you at once, and no go. A wonderful computer man just came out here for slightly over an hour and found it - it was "marybethie" of all things. Now I don't need this pw any longer. He found massive infections and removed them, adding a new filter syster. He also checked for the parental control blocker and couldn't find it. So now I know to look at my spam before I ditch it.

Honestly, this has been almost as bad as nicotine withdrawal. I have felt cut off, desolate, etc. But this loverly man has said to call anytime and ask any questions I have. He does a lot of work out here and is kind enough to come to our homes, being that we are all doddering.

First, gotta high five for Mary Beth for her new, wonderful job. I still expect books from her one of these days. I know they are in there. She will really enjoy this work.

Otherwise our lives are moseying right along. We are preparing for the day when we will have to leave our church building. It may not happen, since the suit is still in action, but it may. We are trying to identify what we have purchased so that we take only that which is ours. We have several options of where to go while we finish the court doings. Then we either get our church, or we go find or build another one. Whatever.

Kudos to Katie for selling all those scarves for me! You are greatly appreciated, Katie! If you have any suggestions as to what sort of thing sells best, do let me know. Sarah just called with a couple of new orders, but I have to go out and chase down purple eyelash yarn. If it exists, Hobby Lobby will have it there. We don't have a proper yarn shop in SA. Sanger, I think, is the school with purple and gold for colors. I make these, changing colors half way through (behind the neck). I'm not knitting as much as my hands get tired sooner than they did. NOt fun. But I can still play with the yarn.



Mary Beth said...

so glad you got it really fixed!!

Barbara said...

I've missed seeing your posts and your facebook comments. So glad you have a computer "angel" that helped get you up and running again.