Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MRI report

Well, family and friends, things aren't looking so good here. I had read the MRI report and knew there were problems, but didn't realize that I have "pushed the limit of my luck" with my back. I have an appointment with the neurosurgeon mid December (I will call and ask to be pushed up if there is a cancellation) and see when he wants do this surgery. There are 4 discs involved and one is in a disastrous position, so I am to be careful and not go near a chiropractor till this is over. My doctor was just wringing his hands. He did say he didn't want me to go go Dallas for this shoulder after the back. Said to remember he has two patients in this family and he doesn't want dad having to drive back and forth from Denton to Dallas every day. I may have to anyway, but there is a possibility of a new ortho person at the other hospital who has the experience to do a reverse shoulder replacement. First things first, however.

I'd hoped I was through with all this operation stuff. Maybe someday.

I hope you all are having a magnificent Thanksgiving this Thursday. Scooter, Nancy and children and we are going to Big Lake to Scooter's cousins ranch house. We've been before and really enjoy being there. Lots of people, good food and good company.

Prayers for all of you who are traveling over the weekend. You Barnes who are all in New York, give Susan an extra hug from us.

Blessings on you all......

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