Friday, December 18, 2009

Also, last night,

I sat beside my wonderful Saxon (grand) who warned me before the program started that he hoped I had brought my ear plugs. I asked the required 'why' and he told me that everybody in the program sang very loudly and very off key. Well, ummm, there were some off key parts, but it was grand anyway. Nancy's class sang Silent Night in both English and German. A couple of classes did songs such as 'The first day of christmas' and used the 'card up' ploy we used to use in the card section of football games back in the early '50's. Very effective and funny! And the first grade! Well they sang about Rudolph and each of them was holding a red lollipop over their noses. Spencer played in the elementary recorder part of theprogram. He promises to teach me to play one. You would think I could figure it out, but no!
Sax also commented that he certainly was glad he wasn't in this program any more. He is certainly pleased to be in middle school. I think he feels infinitely superior.
Also, Mally and her scout troop came by tonight and sang their two Christmas carols for us. We have photos coming to prove it.
Tomorrow I have three errands and I am finished!!! and finished in many ways. Now I plan to steep myself in the mystery of Christmas, where I should have been for the last three weeks.

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