Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've just finished reading a humongous book. 'Haj 'by Leon Uris. Very well written, but the way the Arab world works (or doesn't work) makes me feel as if I am in the dryer and it is going. As portrayed, most of them don't really like each other. Or anyone else, either. Oh well.

Went to the livestock show in Mertzon lately. It's really neat to see the children with their animals - they have to know how to show them and keep them in the right position. Saxon's pig (first time for pigs) was neat. First I saw the pig sound asleep in it's pen with Sax sound asleep, head on the pig's belly. I had to leave after the sheep, goats and rabbits, but Nancy said the pig earned a 3rd place - the judges said he was too fat. One lady told Nancy to exercise next year's pig more. She said she played soccer with her pig. Nancy plans to do that and I plan to go and watch. Remembering this should be enough to make me giggle in the middle of something serious, anywhere and anytime.

Looking for Mary Beth this weekend. Hoozah!

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