Saturday, December 19, 2009


my three erands have morphed into one. I just can't run all over town chasing places that sell the Kraft garlic cheese and I can't make garlic cheese grits without it. So-- later for that one. I am taking my eggnog pumpkin pie to the congregational dinner tomorrow, instead. Much easier, but sorry to disappoint the folks waiting for the grits.

Also, just can't get to the UPS place today, (it is mobbed and the lines are forever) so those pkgs will go out Monday. Barb,I know yours will be waiting for you. Have a safe trip to New York.

I will, however, go to the library. After all, I do have an accurate idea of what is important.

This is not the season to be running from pillar to post, but to be in prayer and meditation. I'm starting that now, tho I don't promise to meditate Monday when they stick all those honking big needles into my spine. Bleah!!!

It does seem to me that it is almost impossible to maintain calm at this time of year. Maybe if we ran away to a retreat center, we could center ourselves. Or maybe we are supposed to learn to do this through0ut all the hoo-hah that surrounds us. Lord help us to see through all of that to the really important event of the time of year.

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Mary Beth said...

thinking about you and the needles.....shudder.....