Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barbara Kingsolver

Being a faithful reader of Ms. Kingsolver's books, and owner of most of them (so I can reread them), I ordered the newest one from the library _ The Lacuna,- expecting another marvelous book. I am struggling through it, and I am not enjoying it particularly. The story line hops all around, and the main subjects- 2 famous Mexican artists (Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera), who live very destructive lives, is not speaking to my heart. There is another main character, who seems to change lives seamlessly - ???. Further, I am not a fan of the Mexican art, tho I recognize that it is art. Don't know just what I expected, but not this. However, I shall plug along through this book and see if there is anything redeeming in it - for me. And try to figure out what is lacking that causes me to not enjoy it. Any ideas, anyone?

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