Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in the group`

Unfortunately I was confused and said Happy Easter to some people who love me anyway. Whatever, have a happy one.

George took me to the fanciest place in town (and the prettiest) for a nifty dinner today. Its fun to blow off caution and just go. He also wore his sign (from last year) which says "I am nothing without my wife". I consider this almost beyond the call, but lots of people enjoyed seeing him wear it.

When Sarah was here, we planted a root from a common Florida lantana into a pot. She and I both thought it had life. Dad said if it lived he would rise up and call me Eloise ( for those who don't know, Eloise is my late, rather unpleasant aunt, who had the gift of making anything bloom. Literally anything ) Well today,I saw leaves and marched in calling myself Eloise. I am pleased it is doing well, But he can leave off calling me Eloise.

Ii've been using my teeny portable DVD player and am watching the entire third year of Gray's anatomy. If I keep watching, I get to see operations, and find them fascinating. I had wanted a medical career, but at that time, it was unheard of for most women, and too expensive, anyway. Now I think I would not have liked brain surgery, but thoracic or skeletal, well maybe so. Or maybe not a surgeon. After all, the kids have called me Dr. Butler for years.

Church was nice but amazingly short. Most people just weren't there. I guess they were off with their kids.

Cold here,but nice, especially since we don't have to be anywhere. Our next door neighbors have had another major falling out and he is gone and she is going. It was a strange May-December marriage. So now we will have new neighbors. Lots of turnover going on out here.

Shonna and Jason Parks (cousin to Scooter and dear friends of us all ) have moved out here. They want their children in school here and are exploring career possibilities for both of them. Their areas of expertise will fit in well in some ways. Welcome, to them all. We really enjoy them.

God be praised for yet another day........

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