Friday, May 14, 2010

More "Lacuna"

As I plow through this book, after a disjointed and almost spastic introduction, it is developing into a very interesting history of the interplay between the Stalinist government in Russia, the interventions played by the activists in Mexico and the frequent interference by the government of our country. Maybe the author felt she had to establish the instability of the main character as he grows up, in order to understand him. Who knows. But it has developed into a book I think I will enjoy reading , altoughthis part of history is really unknown to me. So much for my criticisms.


Barbara B said...

When the book first came out I heard Barbara Kingsolver talk about it on NPR Radio. I am glad you are getting into it. Let us know your final opinion when you finish it.

MJ said...

I certainly will. Right now, it is a
'not read' book unless you have an endless fascination with Marxism and Hispanic culture and their intertwining.