Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Plethora of Pleasures...

This is turning out to be a very busy time of year - and all the busyness is fun stuff. Last Saturday, Laura (English) Wooldridge and her mom Sally Williams were in town and we all met at IHOP. We ate some, mostly talked. As Sally says, 'it's a shame we can't think of anything to say'. They are old, old friends from Ascension, Houston. We had just started to catch up when they had to go. Darn! But we now know where and how each other's kids and grands are.

Then, Sunday after church, we took off for Mertzon for a truly amazing service/meeting. Scooter's boy scout troop had 8 (yep, eight) boys who were awarded the Eagle Scout Badge. When you consider that only 2 of every hundred boys earns this, this achievement, from little Mertzon, is just outstanding. After the awards service we trooped over to the community hall where we were served a marvelous luncheon and the boys each spoke about the projects they did to earn Eagle and how it has changed them and set their feet on a path to achievement. Then, lots more talking and hugging. You could literally see how much Scooter and his other scoutmasters and these boys loved and respected each other. Coming from a father who was a longtime (like years and years) scoutmaster and who, with his boys literally chopped the trees and built the scout camp, complete with fire tower, I especially appreciate this.

Now, this Sunday we go back to see Mally get her bronze star award for Girl Scouts. She hasn't always been in this program, and I'm really glad she is doing it now.

We're gearing up for Josie's quinceaneara (sp?) the first weekend of June. Later in June, we may go to the formation meeting of the Anglican church of North America. We can stay with Mary Beth and see her also. Goody. Butler family reunion coming up over fourth of July weekend, and a trip to Florida to the bestest place in the world - St. Teresa.

Haven't been able to figure out why I am so tired - reading over this, Ihave figured it out. But tomorrow and Saturday are free and I will rest and rest.

On Pentecost Sunday all the congregation is wearing red clothing to celebrate.

I just read a book (sci-fi) and almost put it down and didn't finish it until I finally picked up the thread of Martin Luther's actions, taken to remove the abuses from the Roman Catholic church. It's a quirky retelling of this and was much more interesting then. Besides, I like sci-fi.

Oh, and we went to the baseball games again - watched both kids for awhile. I think there is only one more.


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