Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh my! (second post today)

I didn't tell you the best part of all!. First, Teresa (housecleaner) called me and said she had just needed some time off and she would come when she could. I said fine. She offered to come the next day but we were off to Johnson City to see Nancy Grace graduate. So we left her a key and she cleaned and we cane home to a clean house. JOY!

But the best, for the last, is the graduation. I wish you could all have been there. Nancy graduated with a 4.0, and had a gold cord around her neck to signify that. Johnson City is a central point for a combination class and online degree offering from both Texas Tech and Texas Tech at San Angelo. She has driven 3 hours early on Saturday for months and months as well as working at home. I've watched her work and I am totally impressed with the content and creativity of this program. My MA was an exercise in uselesness- all theory and pie in the sky. The doctoral work, however was much more useful and interesting. She is really excited about what she learned and I am also. Scooter was there with the kids and we all sat on the front row. Each student was asked to make a statement of what they had learned and how they planned to use it. Nancys' was outstanding (not just because I'm her mom, but really!)In fact a superintendent from another county tried to talk her into moving and teaching for him. And this in front of her own superintendent!. So our supt. told the other one to leave her teachers alone!

Then we all adjourned to a state park and had a bbq lunch. Lots of fun, laughter and pride. I wish she would rest more, but trying to get her to do that is like standing in front of a tank knowing the tank will keep going, over you if necessary. This girl has goals, y'all!. So do I, but mine are to rest a lot. Have to admit I was much like her at her age, but today's teachers have so much more in the way of opportunities, resources , etc. that I wish we had had.


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Mary Beth said...

Great post! So sorry I couldn't be there. But I'm proud of her with you!