Friday, May 15, 2009

Ball game funnies.....

We went to see Spencer play last night. His whole team is really getting good, and especially Spencer. Home runs all over the place. The time before, when we went, they were changing sides (is that between innings?) a little girl on his team shouted loudly "Y'all gotta wait a minute - I gotta go pee!" Off she went, and they waited for her. Love it. The fifth grade was in Houston for the week studying Texas history, so they had to cancel the older kids game - too many gone.

Today we did a very large grocery shopping. Dad follows me with a cart. He may have a heart attack at the way I drive, but I haven't run into anyone yet. Maybe because when people see a white haired old lady zooming along,they know to move over. But not always. I wait on lots of pokey people to move for me. But the funny is, when we got home, and Dad got the groceries in, he collapsed in his chair and said "Boy, that is exhausting! I had no idea!." I answered him with 'welcome to my world".

Our minister has been away for two weeks and has a week to go. Our poor deacon has been sorely tried. 4 people have been in for surgery and one has to keep going back in. He's paid his dues, for sure, and he does do a good job.

Blessings to all.....

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