Thursday, August 5, 2010

What can happen when someone rear-ends your car

Yesterday, unfortunately, a lady who drovelike a speed demon crunched into the rear end of my car as I was making a turn. Long story, but the funny part is here. Today we had to go to the police station and pick up a report, which cost $6.00, if you please. It was $5 but the girl wanted to know if I wanted a cawcauw. I said, "a what?" and she said "you know, a cawcauw." And I thougnt, it might be worth a dollar to find our what a cawcauw is, so I said "sure, lets have a copy." It turned out to be a cop call. . I wanted to take her sweet little face in my hands and say "watch my lips and say COP CALL." But I didn't. I was a teacher too long for this not to amuse and infuriate me. I know language is in constant change, but I can't say I like it all.


Sarah said...

I cannot for the life of me make out what you mean. The cop will call you for a dollar? Maybe I should start getting ahold of these kids younger.

MJ said...

No it means the info on when I called the cops. And somebody needs to get hold of these kids somewhere along the line.

Sarah said...

I mostly try to get them to speak English (while holding on to their native Spanish). I don't know what we can do to get them to enunciate in either language. It can be maddening, I know.