Friday, April 15, 2011

Grass Fires Everywhere ..

West Texas is burning right now. Homes are burned, some animals have not been able to get out, so far no persons are dead of the fire. This is a huge one, and just missed us being in the evacuate group by 15 miles. The air is very bad and downtown is covered in ash. Evacuation areas for both people and animals are open downtown and we are taking care of them all. The firemen, as they retreat in front of it are routinely cutting fences now, so the animals will have a way to get out. 35 mph winds are not helping at all.

I began to think of priorities should we be evacuated. First, all the medicines, including the insulin in the refrigerator, then a couple changes of clothing, my CPU, Any bit of jewelry worth anything and as many family pictures as I can cram into the car. Everything else in here can be replaced and may, some day, have to be. Whatever.

We have prayed for Japan and for all the places there are catastrophes happening and here is one in our backyard. None of us are immune to tragedy and we are seeing more and more of it lately. The end times? maybe - maybe not. The earth is a fragile place and is seems to be jittery lately. One thing is for sure - there is more to come.


Sarah said...

Hmmm, the end times. Could be. I seriously hope not though, because I still have some living to do. Prayers for all of you.


MJ said...

thank you, love.

Barbara B said...

Praying the fires are being contained. We all need rain! Take care.