Thursday, April 7, 2011

A quiet week

It's been a long time since I've had one of these. Last month I had 17 doctor's appointments - mostly because of being in the hospital, I think they wanted to be sure I am still here, since I died while I was in there. I did schedule a sleep study. The doctor thinks that the reason I sleep aabout 12 hours every night is because I am not really sleeping well - so we will see, and if I need a breathing apparatus, I will just look like an alien.

Dear son in law (Scooter) is having surgery in the morning to fix his dreadfully messed up knee (from their skiing trip last month). We are on call to possibly go and stay while Nancy takes care of a bit of business.
Nancy put up a new bird feeder and hummer feeder for me. I have seen one hummer and the neat thing about the bird feeder is that the doves have no way to get in to eat - the openings are too small. I wouldn't mind them eating if they were in any way moderate - bu they are pigs. When they eat and raise their heads their craws bulge and hang down. Squirrels are a problem, too, cause they can't get in and have knocked it over twice. If it happens again, we will get some super glue so they can't do it. The little ones are many - I have house finches, and lots of other teeny birds. Fun to watch.
We now have a chancel choir at church and I finally get to sing in parts. I have misssed this more than I can tell you. Motets are my favorite, but this is really good. We are doing a wonderful one (No Greater Love) for Palm Sunday evening and will do the finale of "Hallelujah's" for Easter. I love our music but I have really missed a real choir.
I'm pretty sure my left knee is finally going - most other major joints are titamiun, including a new left shoulder. Still in PT for that. My PT is the greatest!.
Love to you all and many blessings. Pray for rain for our part of the country.


lgregg said...

Greetings from Wildwood, FL. So good to see you back online. Glad you're feeling better. :)

MJ said...

Thanks - I'm glad to be back.