Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fires are still with us

Although the immediate danger to us is past, there are people on the east side of Angelo who are evacuating and praying. This fire just can't seem to be stopped. I heard hom many thousand acres have burned, some 70 thousand?? maybe? And there are other fires west of us. Our winds blow (really blow!) from west to east - some days I have to move plants to keep them from being broken over. Orders went out to shut down the forges, and no barbecueing. Mny of our fires start from lightening , many others from birds who land on the wrong wire near the transformers. Not so good for the birds either. We set aside days of prayer in this city - for rain when we need it, which is most of the time, for protection from fire, and protection from the proliferating masses of feral hogs. Fences don't stop them and they will eat anything not larger than themselves. Scary, scary, really mean critters.
Pray for us - we pray for you.

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