Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are entering Holy Week

and I am growing and learning from my classes so that a newer depth will be added to this year's services and worship. But I am puzzled from last night's Bible study. We are in the gospel of John - and the consensus (sp?) is that we have to know that we need God and ask Him for his presence and for our inclusion in His people. Everyone in the room seemed to agree that this was the process. I don't like to upset a group, but I need to see Fr. Stan and find out why I never felt this need - rather, God came after me. For three days we wrestled and, as always, He won. Now I wonder how I ever lived without Him - and also why I didn't know I needed Him more. Or why I thought I had Him. I was very pleased with my life, not knowing that I had no life. Am I different, or does He have to chase down other people? Hmmmmm?


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