Sunday, April 17, 2011


we sang the Cantata "And Now is Christ Risen" - We have been practising for awhile. I have to sit through singing while the others stood. Too bad, but I can't stand more than about a minute. We left of the Hallelujahs, and will sing them in place of the sermon on Easter. It is really nice to have a choir singing in parts.

Nancy and the children came. I don't think Mally was too happy to be there, but the boys seemed to really enjoy it and to be glad they came. I was glad to have them here. Scooter is still in therapy 5 days a week - it's not a fast process. I have it 3 days a week.

Busy week coming up with services every night. It's a solemn and a joyful time all at once. They story has tragic parts but we know the ending and that makes it ok

Blessings to all.....

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