Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lovely week

And it really has been. Mary Beth came to visit and we had fun and laughed and went to doctors. Then, Tuesday evening Don came in. Supposed to come in on 4:00 plane but missed that one and got here at 11:00. We fed him pie. He and George enjoyed their two days of golf, and George is still the winner. I just learned that this is the 9th toughest public course in Texas.

I worked the store on Saturday and met some interesting people - one lady came in and told me everybody else in town was closed and that she HAD to have somewhere to shop. And shop she did.

Janet is just getting Bill's medical records and I am appalled to say that his cholesterol level was at --are you ready for this? --- 500. He just didn't believe it would happen to him. The gas crunch is hitting Sarah with her long commute to Denton every day. It's getting us all, I know. Fortunately for us, we mostly stay in town and unless we go to Mertzon, a tank lasts us about 3 weeks.

I just saw on 60 minutes, a section about today's youth leaving school and entering the work force. It is pretty incredible. From what they say, these kids don't want hours, or dress codes, and they need nap rooms, etc. But they are getting hired. Now, the clincher! 60 minutes blames it on Mr. Rogers. Sorry, but Mr. Rogers is one of my heroes! Maybe we should reinstate the compulsory draft for 2 years service for everybody. Israel does it, and their kids turn out well. Comments, anyone? Especially if you saw the show.

Cathy says she likes the weather channel any time. So do I. Something soothing about watching those lines move gracefully across the map. And there is always the powerless bit about you can't change the weather. Gotta live with it. Speaking of which, we are due to have a thunderstorm tonight and we are hoping it comes.

And retired life continues....

Rest in the mystery.......

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Mary Beth said...

Did you know you can buy the Weather Channel's music on CD? Like, I guess to listen to in the car in case you don't get enough of it 24/7 at home...!!

Sounds like you punished Don for coming late by feeding him pie...hee hee!

Now a nap room? I would vote for.