Monday, May 5, 2008

Life in the west

I'm not sure why I'm writing this because there isn't much to say. Which should be interpreted as good. I will manage to have a lot to say, however - I always do. I did have the test I wrote about and now I can add diverticulosis to my resume of body breakdowns. The doctor expected this and informs me that people, especially women, over 60 will have this. Goody. They gave me a diet which is conflicting with the heart diet - I do wish they could get this together. I may have to rely on common sense. Of course, common sense got me into these messes in the first place, so I may be in bad hands. I am glad to know that nothing else is where it shouldn't be. No worries, tho. We both feel good for our ages.

My wonderful little choir sang yesterday and we are taking the summer off. I am down to two little girls, and the pastor refers to us as the Butler family singers. As if! He has no idea that MB, Nancy and the two of us used to go places and sing for people. I'm not sure why they asked us, but would bet that they were at their wits end for a program of some sort. It was fun, anyway. Pray for us to drum up some more children for our church so we could maybe have a real choir.

Daughters of the King tonight. Our stalwart leader is in France with her accountant husband. They take an exciting trip every year after tax season is over. I just hope nobody wants to have an election - I am planning on her being president-for-life. Haven't told her, though. She wouldn't like that.

Hope to spend some time with the three youngest grands this weekend. We don't get to see enough of them, even though they are so close. Everybody is so busy around here - mostly I am busy reading books. I don't think I will work my way through the whole library, but I keep trying. My flowers are gorgeous. I need to go and take some photos because the summer heat will be here soon and they tend to burn up.

Heard from Barbara and they are headed for Boston for a couple of days and then on to New York to see the newest two additions to the Girling household. They've added two kittens. They didn't have room before but do, now. Cats are wonderful. I don't want one, but I have dearly loved the ones we had.

We are expecting Don for a couple of days either next week or the next. This may well be the time he beats George at golf, but I won't tell George that. He would love to win again, although his game is not what it once was. He came in one day last week and stomped around a bit and I finally asked what was wrong. He told me he was in every single sand trap around and just quit after 9 holes. Believe me this course is really full of sand traps!

'Til later,

Rest in the mystery..........


Mary Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day! you are wonderful and I love you the most! Next weekend when I come we will celebrate for reals.

It was good to talk with you yesterday. Hope you are having fun with Saxon. I will look forward to an update in this space!

Diverticulosis...yuck! I'm off to eat a HIGH FIBER breakfast! :) Thanks for this and the many other lessons...


Mary Beth said...

Guess what I bought today to bring with me...ear candles!

Woohoo, won't we be having fun!