Monday, May 26, 2008


I have had it with this back thing, and am going to see a neurosurgeon. Apparently it is possible that the problems I have with losing feeling in my feet, incontinency and heart problems all relate to the 3 bad vertebrae I have. I know this doctor isn't pro surgery, and the one I saw 4-5 years ago was reaching for his scalpel as we talked. We'll see what Dr. Fisher says about it. I know him from church. I keep this pain at bay by using the chiropractor's stretching table. I call it the rack. It does work, so far for pain, but if the problem is causing more problems that the back,I need to know it.More on this when I know more.

Peace and blessings,


Cathy said...

And I will pray for your healing in your back and you will find relief from the pain.

Mary Beth said...

Hey, hey, and your green eyes turning blue! Don't forget to tell him THAT! That's got me freaked. mb