Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still floating...

after a wonderful choir practice. I have been using my asthma inhalers reglarly (I try not to think about the cost), and it is certainly working,. I have air to spare and I can sing again...loverly! It's such a high to sing with this group and try different improvisations and descants, etc. I hug them all often.

Re: going to the doctor, I will be seeing three, and I will ask them all why my green eyes --which have forever more been green and I insist they stay that way -- have turned blue. Mary Beth spoke to someone who said it happens in older people - something to do with circulation, I think. MB, correct me if I am wrong. But I want my green eyes back. I even wear green and they are still blue. Wahhhhhhh.

I was wrong about son Bill's 500 cholesterol level. The 500 was his tryglicerides, his cholesterol was 700. Janet is having a horrible time getting his medical records for an insurance policy for life which they took out on the car. His doctor won't release the records without a subpoena, even though he has died and she is his wife. There is such a thing as carrying this privacy thing too far. Marshall (13 year old grandson) is staying by himself in the house at night (Janet works nights). She called CPS and explained the situation and they told her it was ok. ??????? Not with me, but grans don't always get to vote.

Cathy, thank you for your prayers for me. All prayers gratefully received.

Tomorrow is hair cutting day. Such a day! When I realize that there is just entirely too much hair up there, I need it off right now! Then I can wash and push it where I want it to be, let it dry and brush in the morning - no more worries.

Rest in His love...

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