Monday, January 26, 2009


I went to see Dr. Untalan. My CT scan shows that I an neither a neurotic nor a hypochondriac nor is this due to age. I really have a a reason to have an achy mid section. I have a hiatal hernia. He is sendng me to a gastro- specialist, who will go down with a camera and take a look. This is just to be sure there is no inflammation or ulceration at the intersection of this hernia and the rest of me. He says there is extra room for me to have it since I have no gall bladder. Things must be pretty tight in there. At any rate, considering all the nasty things this could have been, I can live with this one. I have my GI appointment and will stay in touch. There is a good possiblity that we won't have to have anything further done.

As far as dad and the doctor go, his blood sugar is really high. He is supposed to be on a diet, but refuses and says he is ready to die and wants his food. I have explained that this is very unkind, but he doesn't see it. And it really is an abandonment - but I am pretty sure he wants to die first so I can take care of him. In a way, it's easy to see why his siblings have always said he is spoiled rotten - it is hard to keep him from having his own way. We go out too much (there is always a sweet at church for coffee hour) for me to have much control over his daily sugar foods, and he goes out on his own a lot. It is under control here, however.

Speaking of going out, today we did again what we often do, by having what Dad calls 'linner' (which means lunch and dinner). Lunch menus are less expensive and still always serve us more than we can eat, so we eat our fill and take dinner home, thus having lunch and dinner all in one stop. Surely makes life easiser. For those of you who sent us restaurant cards, many, many thanks. We love them. Today was Chili's. (besides, no sugar is in these meals)

We are scheduled to have freezing rain for about three hours tomorrow - we'll take the rain any way we can get it. Just to have water, in some form, fall, will be cause for celebration.

The other day, the children were here and Sax kept on his hoodie, covering all but his eyes from the top. His dad told him to take it off in the house and he was really resistant, but finally took it off. He looked just fine, and we finally got out of him that he didnt want us to see him because he has unibrow and will have to have it waxed. Now, he no more has unibrow than I do, but he was really disturbed by this, and it took much coaxing to relax him. Finally somebody got around to asking him why he thought that and he said Mally told him. Every eye turned to Mally and she was doubled up on the sofa, giggling. I wish we could teach him that she just loves to yank his chain, and not to believe all the stuff she tells him. We tell him all the time, but he is just as literal as I have always been. Some day he'll learn to laugh at her, and when they are grown then can laugh some more. Thes children are a source of endless joy to us - but you knew that, didn't you?

I miss having the Mertzon store to go to - I had become acquainted with so many nice people out there, and I miss seeing them.

Bedtime, ducks.....


Barbara said...

Good to know an explanation for the pain in your middle. It is easy for your mind to think of many worse reasons that it might be, so now you don't have to continue to speculate. Follow up with the gastro doctor so you can know best way to help your symptoms. Sorry Dad is being so headstrong about eating what he shouldn't, but you can only do so much with him. He knows we all want him to be around. Love, Barbara

Mary Beth said...

Perhaps if you point out to Dad that dying of diabetes is not going to be a fun or quick way for him to go? His story about Gramma Jane's feet rotting away lingers with me horrifyingly. I also found this online:

"When diabetes is poorly controlled in older adults, high blood glucose alone can cause fatigue, weight loss, muscle weakness, and a loss of function."