Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey, y'all---

Before I forget, this for transplanted Texan - the web site for the sugar book is
Phone is 800-777-BOOK

Now, let me tell you about last night. We went to the Baptist church in Grape Creek (about 20 miles) to a Bluegrass sing and potluck. Where else but west Texas? Food was outstanding, and the music was really good. of the players in each group was playing something I had never seen - a dobro. Now, how have I played guitar for the past 30 years without being exposed to a dobro? FYI - it is a guitar with a round metal thingy where the opening is, and is played by being picked with the right hand, on the metal thingy, and sliding a slide thing up and down and around on where we usually finger. I think the reason, is that I have only ever played for church and the bluegrass sound isn't there so much. I sat next to the lady whose husband was playing one, and told her I was fascinated with it. She said her husband found one for the first time about 6 years ago, and wanted it, so he traded a bunch of goats for it, and bought an instruction book. Well, if I had a bunch of goats, I'd trade for one of those too. As it is, we have found an instructor in playing the recorder, so I think I'll learn that one - easy to carry, too. And way better than the flute, considering that I was never able to get one single sound out of that blasted thing - and I puffed so hard!

Parish dinner and vestry election today - we have some new members who are really gung ho, and that's great cause my gung ho has got up and went. I can always be a great cheerleader.

Family, are you planning to come to the July 4th reunion? We heard from Betsy and Paul, they are coming several days early as Betsy is checking out St. Edwards in Austin for #1 daughter. It's a really good school and I hope she goes there - we could see the Bizot's more. I hope you will all come - it will be an active time - there will be marking going on, very tame horses for kids if you like, all sorts of activities. I plan to watch and smile a lot. I do this well.

All three Scott children won 1st places in their respective grades for their science projects and Saxon was chosen to go to the next level with his - he is turning the tall wind turbines to a horizontal orientation and adding more sets of blades. He feels it will be more effective and kill fewer birds. He has lots of practicing to do to present his work. They are all such neat kids. Of course all my grands are, and I am not prejudiced in the slightest. My kids are great, too. I am blessed.

Tomorrow I see the doctor and find out what the CT scan showed- if anything. I may just be turning into a total hypochondriac - but I don't think so. Or maybe I am just old. Yep, that could be it.

Nancy brought us about 3 dozen eggs - her chickens have lost their minds and turned into production machines - we get lucky and get eggs. With this many, I can make devilled eggs. I think her chickens are just relieved to get rid of all those roosters. One is plenty.

Hope to do another post tomorrow after seeing the doctor. xxoo

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Katie B said...

Looking forward to coming to the reunion in July! West Texas is one of my favorite places. I sent you and Papa a package a week or so ago - wanted to make sure that you got it.

Let me know when you have a chance!

- Katie B.