Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hokay -

I wrote this once, already, and it has gone to that great garbage dump somewhere else in the universe, and it will never come back. So, once more, here goes,.....

Since I missed my CT scan on Monday (because I forgot)I didn't have it till yesterday. I will probably get the results next Monday because it takes the radiologist awhile to get around to reading it. Ihave decided that the easiest kind of doctor to be is in radiology. Think about it.

I heard from a new reader - transplanted Texan- who wrote about my comments on the simple sugars book. She lives in Florida, and always wanted to live in Angelo. Y'all come. I came here kicking and screaming - it's a good thing God pays no attention to us kicking and screaming, because I belong here, and this gets more obvious every day. At any rate, the name and author of the book are listed among the books I've read, just to the left of this missive. I'm sorry about your mom's RA. My daughter and one of my good friends both suffer from this - and I do mean suffer. The sugar listed for RA is L-Fucose. Apparently it only occurs naturally in some mushrooms and in breast milk, so no help there. If you put L-Fucose in your computer, it will bring up a site which sells the supplement. Why don't you and your mom read this and decide whether to try it. I hope you do and that it helps. I used to use the magazine Prevention to raise my children, (This was before it turned into an exercise magazine) so I am very into alternative medicines and use them often. Do let me know, please...I care.

Nancy and Mally had a time getting home. The ticket info changed and they weren't notified so missed their plane. Finally they were rerouted to Dallas via Atlanta, of all places. One of the most horrible airports in existence, I am sure. We had a saying in Florida that the first stop on the way to hell was the Atlanta airport. However, they reached DFW at 11 last night and because they couldn't get a flight out till morning, and the science fair is being put up this morning, Nancy rented a car and they drove on home last night. Dad and I plan to go see the exhibits. Some of them are truly amazing.

And on and on, through this amazing trip called life. You gotta love it!

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