Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning, everyone...

I have been following the news from the inauguration, as seen through the eyes of the folks there. I really think I saw Mally in one of the photo-ops on the video yesterday. I do hope she and Nancy are having a great time. I am watching via TV but as soon as the actual inauguration is over, I am off to (surprise!) the library again. Also for a few groceries. Dad is golfing. It's a bit cold, but that doesnt stop him.

I've just finished another edition of "Meet ........." for the church newsletter. We are featuring a high school senior this year - a National Merit scholar. We only have two graduating seniors, so from now on, on to the older folk. But it is a pleasure to talk with these youngsters. They are so self possessed, and seem to know just where they are going and what they hope to do when they arrive. Honestly, they are more fun than the older people who keep making excuses for themselves.

I have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow - I will not know anything until I have the results next week. It does seem to take a long time for people to get their results together.

I've been studying a book on "Miracle Sugars" and have found a couple I never heard of, but which seem to have remarkably good results in preventing bladder infections. There is another which supposedly has extremely good results in stopping rheumatoid arthritis. I'll check with my friend Carlene, who was a nutritional consultant and see what she thinks of these. I honestly never heard of mannose or of L-fucose. I keep learning all the time. I already ordered the one to stop bladder infections.

Speaking of learning, I have just ordered a book on mathematics. It's time I learned something about this area. Maybe I will try algebra again. Maybe. Or maybe not.

I was telling another lady out here (at 97!) who was helping me hand out plates and check off names at the monthly birthday dinner, about losing the cookbook and my wallet, but that I had prayed most earnestly and had found both of them. She told me she was sure God had more important things to do than find things we have lost. I told her I was sure He did not. I don't think I will change her mind at 97, so I didn't press her further. But, you know, if He knows how many hairs I have on my head, with them falling out all the time, surely he can keep up with my lost stuff and point me in the right direction to find them. By way of proof, I offer that it always works!!


Transplanted Texan said...

Good morning,
I have been reading your blog for several months and find it very interesting. I currently live in central Florida...not too far from your Gators! But I'm a native West Texan, always wanted to live in San Angelo, and love to read your comments. I am very interested in your comment regarding sugars and RA. My mom has severe RA and is to the point of starting the infusions to help relieve the pain. So if you could send me any info regarding that I would greatly appreciate it!

Barbara said...

MJ, I have been looking for Mallory, too. She has had a chance to be a part of history and to broaden her view of how diverse how country is. I wish I could have been there to see such a wonderful new president inaugurated. I hope the CT went well. Keep me posted. Love, Barbara