Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a busy week

around here -----. I have a new chiropractor - yeaaaaa! I was afraid to go back to the old one because I have, actually, two broken ribs, not just one. That could really hurt, but this one has me walking without so much pain - and I am not having to use the TENS unit right now. Great improvement here. When I can get on the stretching machine (the rack !) it will be even better.

This deacon thing is still coming up - I might have to take Him up on it.

We had an interesting young woman join our Bible study/prayer circle last Wednesday night. She sort of appeared out of nowhere. She's a bit hard to handle because she wants to talk all the time, and we all know that is my job. Seriously, she demands a lot of time, but I am able to turn her off enough that we got our study and praying done. When we finished, she looked at us and said -" You all are more fun than anybody I know. You arent'really old inside, are you?" I had to giggle. I am remembering the time an 8 year old (or so) was in my class and one day she looked at me and said "you aren't fooling me- you're really only 4 years old." Actually, being 4is more fun than being 77.

Yesterday I spent in Mertzon, helping spell- check and judge the great and wonderful spelling Bee. This is one of the high points of my year. Some of the children are terrified and some are super confident. Our youngest, Spencer, spelled out about midway of his class, which didn't phase him - nothing much does. But Mally and Saxon both won the trophy for their class. Another suprise here - we expected it of Mally - she takes her spelling seriously, but Sax really isn't interested. One of the funnies is that Mally (of course) asked for definition, sentence, can you pronounce it again, can you sing it? The principal was the pronouncer, and she actually sang the word- several times. How loose can you get? Love it!

The height of the day is the all grade spell -off. Mally was extremely mortified that she did not win, as she usually does, but she'll manage, and there's always next year for her. A really great little boy in third grade did win and will go to regional in Angelo. It'll be a grand experience for him.

This afternoon we are off to see Spence and Mally play basketball. This morning Dad went a vestry organizational meeting. Many of the rules (which nobody paid attention to anyway) are being changed, and will be more efficient.

I like the concept that the getting rid of so many 'fings' makes more room for God. Very true. My friend in Denton has just received my bags of 'stuff' and called me to check on some of them. I had even forgotten some of what I sent her, which just proves that it was really in my way..

I am looking for a shirt or a wall hanging which says both :

So much yarn, so many books, so little time. I have tried and tried to knit and read at the same time, and it just won't work. I can knit and watch TV, but mostly it is so horrible I don't want to see it. So I'm taking turns.

I wrote Brad to read the book 'Swine Not!" by Jimmy Buffet. Dad thought it was weird and boring and I giggled all the way through it. Maybe I am just weird (well yeah). But a pig who lives in a glass house on the top of a Manhattan hotel is worth a giggle. It might even make a funny movie - hammy, but funny. - Oh, MJ, stop while you are ahead....

My hands are typing things I am not saying. I will stop. God bless...

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Barbara said...

Singing spelling bee. I saw a musical just like that. Glad you were able to be a part of the event.