Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy weather

Two days ago it was actually 95 degrees here. Today it started off below freezing. Temperature is nothing if not varied out here. It means there is no such thing as putting away your winter/summer clothing. Whatever you need today, you may need just the opposite tomorrow.

We went to see Spencer and Mally play this morning, but they didn't show. I talked to a mom whose son is in Spencer's class and she says Spencer told her son that he broke his leg. Knowing Spence, it may be true or it may be a huge joke. The mom also said her son told her Mally broke a toe on the stairs to her bedroom. Pobrecitos. Wish I could help.

RCW is planning a trip to Palo Duro Canyon to see the historic production they put on year after year. . If we are going up in a real bus and not this school bus we use around here, we are considering going. It will be just one night and we have always wanted to see this, and see the canyon. All this desert/canyon country is still amazing to this beach girl.

MaryBeth's and my trip to Tyler is coming up quickly and I'm looking forward to spending time with her. The day before I leave is my upper GI test, but I don't expect any problems from that.


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