Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rx mixup

I went to the pharmacy yeserday to pick up 4-5 refills, was given a package and paid- went home. When I realized there was only one container in the package it confused me a bit. I took a look to see which one I had received and realized that Ihad Frances Butlers med and it was one I'd never heard of. It was late and they were closed, so I went back this afternoon. The atmosphere, when I told them what had happened, was something like many little firecrackers going off all over the pharmacy. Those poor people looked as horrified as anyone I've ever seen. After being very busy for a bit, they managed to find my five Rx. They told me most people would have just opened and taken the medicine. What do they take me for - an idiot? Do you suppose people would really do that, without even looking at the name of the med?

The noon Ash Wednesday service was very poorly attended, but very much in the spirit of Lent. Both of use served at the altar. Then, back at 7 for another session. We went because I wanted to sing in the choir and we have Bible study right after... It was grand. The youth minister, his wife and several of their teenagers from the Nazarene church next door came over to play and sing with us, and the minister participated in the Eucharist. We made some fantastic music. And on to Lent.

Our Deacon tells me there are several types of diaconate. I've a meeting with him tomorrow afternoon to explore some of them. More on this later.



Barbara said...

Very disturbing that they gave you someone else's meds. They won't make that mistake again soon, I bet.
How did Saxon do in the Science Fair?
Love. Barbara

Mary Beth said...

I was here! love, mb

MJ said...

I'll call you about the science fair. mj