Thursday, February 19, 2009

P & Q

That's what I like- p and q. Peace and quiet. Happily, I have it.

Nancy's chickens are losing their mind still and we are benefitting from the eggs. There's no comparison between them and store bought eggs. None. In fact, we are having creamed eggs on toast (with sausage for Dad) for supper. Then I am going to Serendipity Spinners meeting. I don't always make it, but tonight I feel like spinning and I have a large bag of fleece I'd like to finish and crochet.

Mary Beth and I are signed up for the spinners/knitters group retreat in March at the campsite at Tyler lake. I think we'll really enjoy it. They only have one other, in August and it includes children. It is all about knitting, and we've gone and taken Mally (granddaughter) - had lots of fun. This retreat, however, is adults only. While I spin, dad will be in Glen Rose with Arthur and Rosetta, playing many rounds of golf. We can usually coordinate our favorite pastimes.

I'm having an upper GI test in a couple of weeks. Except for a mild ache in my midsection, I really feel great.

If I get any busier at church, I may have to move a bed up there. I haven't done the role of acolyte in several years, but last night I had to remember what to do. Got it right, too. When we were at Ascension, Carrabelle, the layreader, Eucharistic minister, crucifer and acolyte were all the same person. Only three of use would do the job, and two were George and me. We had to carefully plan being out of town with the other man. We enjoyed that church, also.

Our local newspaper recently outsourced it's printing process to Abilene. Now they are cutting salaries across the board, some more than others. This afternoon I learned that HP is doing the same thing, cutting the executives more than the others. Fair enough. I do hope they don't do this to social security, though. I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored. Actually, I am not sure what that expression means exactly, but I've heard it all my life. I can't imagine anyone letting two oxen, who might be in a goring mood, be together.

Saxon goes to the regionals with his science project. Dad has made a drawing for him to illlustrate it better. We also found a page in National Geographic which had photos of two buildings (in Dubai) which have been built to rotate, floor by floor. In between the floors are blades to keep them turning. No view is ever the same, and solar power is also used. These buildings support themselves as far as energy is concerned. I think this was in last month's NG, if anyone is moved to look it up. Amazing. Since these are horizontal, they match Saxon's hypothesis that horizontal blades rather than vertical are better and kill far fewer birds. They won't allow us to go hear his presentation, but I would like to. Mally has a basketball game Saturday, and then the next weekend finishes that season - leading right into baseball. Mally and Spencer are playing machine pitch this year. Sometimes I go and watch the t-ball games. They are better than the movies.


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