Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One half inch ---

That's how much rain we had two days ago. It doesn't sound like much, but it's the first we've had since early October. Just listening to the rain hitting the skylight was vastly refreshing. Now that we've had that much, we need more, please.

Somehow the second week of each month is crazy making. Too much is scheduled for this one week. I feel a bit like getting under the bed and not coming out till Friday.

We're working on a stitchers guild project for prayer shawls. I've made a number for others and sent them on their way, but this is our first attempt to make these as a guild and both send them out and keep them at the church for prayer times. I even taught a lady to knit yesterday. She is another of those who says 'I just can't learn to knit'. And, as always, when shown, she looked at me and said "That's it?" Yup.

I counted my ongoing fiber projects this week and the number is over 10. I won't tell you how many. I would finish more if I could remember they are there. But I began a new crocheted baby blanket for the NICU babies at the hospital. We turn these in twice a year, and they are divided between our two hospitals. Bonnets and booties are included but I don't knit with needles so small, so one of our members makes them on her machine. Someday I am going over to see her knit on her machine. I had one, one time, but I never could quite get it set up and going so I sold it. Don't see much fun in knitting on a machine, anyway.

Ladies dinner evening out tonight. A very diverse and interesting group, some Anglican, some Episcopalians and maybe even some others. We don't talk church anyway - there's too much else to say.

There's a quiet day at church on Saturday - a wonderful leader is coming down for it. I'm really looking forward to it. Afterward, on to see Spencer play basketball. I get exhausted just watching the kids race up and down the court, back and forth, etc. They are a joy to us. You knew that.....

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Mary Beth said...

Sounds like things are going well! Love you. Oh, tell Daddy I sent him a package. It's only 14 years late...