Friday, February 13, 2009

I survived

this very busy week, almost. A quiet day tomorrow, a basketball game, and DH is taking me out for Valentines day. What a nice man he is. We are blessed to have each other.

I have slaw to make for the day tomorrow, plus visits to chiropractor, and two pharmacies this afternoon. Somehow I made my way through the madness that is HEB yesterday. I discovered at the end of my safari that there is a map available with the types of food in each area. This ought to make the grocery list compilation much easier. I really hope so. One of the nice things about this store is when you can't find something, you can usually find an employee, who will leave what he/she is doing and take you right to it.

I'm nearly through with the crazy black and white scarf, ready to fringe it and wear it. Yeaaa.

We went to the dinner for birthdays last night (for RCW) and in talking to a lady at our table, she kept urging me to come up and play pinochle with them on Fridays. She knows I like games, but what she doesn't know is that I really like word games. I know I could learn to play pinochle, but I treasure my time at home with my books. I am becoming frustrated with the local paper crossword. Usually they are a snap, but now they ask for things like favorite hits of contemporary musical (?) groups - groups I have never been exposed to - and there's a reason for that. They so frequently seem to be just searching for a key and somehow never finding it. They also do a lot of screaming - not cool. I guess they are expressing themselves, but I think I will have to find a new source for crossword puzzles. I do have my Sudoku books and a Wordoku one.

Dad went to doctor today at my urging to have many unhealthy looking spots on his back removed. The dermatologist told him they were hereditary and not precancerous. You learn something new all the time. Still not sure I believe her.

After our trip to Tyler/Glen Rose, when we come home, Don, Barbara, Dean and hopefully Katie are coming for a few days for golf. Unfortunately, this is the week the Scott's will be in Utah on their annual skiing trip, so we can't coordinate that, but the big reunion is this summer, and will be great.

Loved Mary Beth's comments about all the dogs and cats we had. They were wonderful, even though Beauty disappeared and really devastated MB. This one was her cat. Stitches was the last one, and was very dear. Her name came about because she had been spayed when she came to us, and the stitches were still in. We removed them when it seemed time. I don't have a pet now, because I have all I can say grace over just keeping things going here. But I miss my feline friends.


Barbara said...

Hope your Valentine's Dinner was wonderful. We ate at Goode Co. Seafood and then went to movies to see "Doubt", an excellent film. Love, Barbara

Mary Beth said...

You survived...almost? :)

My Vday celebrations are posted at my blog, with pics!

MJ said...

Well, yes I survived. But the second week of every month is difficult for me. Too much happens. Don't like those weeks. And they come every month. m