Thursday, March 13, 2008


My new Handwoven magazine came and I have been immersed!!! Such color! Such texture! Pattern is much less important to me, tho I do like plain weave and twill. There are two sorts of people who work with yarns: color and texture folks and structure folks. There are actually international guilds of people who weave samples for each other and see how complicated they can make them,. Bleah!. I just want it to feel and look good.

The inside back cover is pushing the new (sorta) Bambu yarn. We've seen silk made from soy and from corn, etc. and they are nice, but Bambu is made from - guess!!! bamboo. Unfortunately for me (or not?) this page has all the colors this Bambu comes in. So I can't buy any because I want them ALL!!!!!Besides, I have yarn, but not bambu.

Bamboo is supposed to be the next threat to the cotton industry in the US (the south especially) because it is a plant which can be brought to maturity in 90 days,(grown in China, of course, isn't everything?), and harvested and spun and shipped to the US less expensively than we can grow and process cotton. Also supposed to wear better and have more sheen. The articles I've read say the cotton farmers should be quaking in their boots. I live with lots of cotton farmers and I haven't seem any quaking going on as yet. Maybe I oughta get a skein or two and just see how it feels,,,Right? good answer.......I'll let you know, in the interest of scientific experiment, of course.

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Mary Beth said...

I have some bamboo yarn. It's a very nice mauvey pink. I bought it for that sweater but it was too fiddly and made me mad so I quit. I'll send you some.