Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, it seems that my habit of ignoring my aches and pains has caught up with me. About a month ago I had a severe pain in the middle of the night. I really thought I was dying, but No. I woke up the next morning and decided it was gastric. About two weeks later I went by just in case, for a cardiogram. About half a dozen tests later, we now know that it was a heart attack and has done severe damage. I will see a new cardiologist on Thursday and we'll see what he recommends for me and proceed from there.

It's frustrating to have this happen, even though my family tree is full of cardiac events. I had decided I was so old it would pass me by. For anyone's information, I just had severe pain around the entire chest - nothing in my arms, face or anything. If you can imagine it, I thought that what was causing the pain would cut me in half, and at the same time, explode. SO, if you have any weird pains, GO TO THE ER! Right away.

One of the really frustrating by products of this event is that I don't have enough air to just talk and talk. Not easy to adjust to. I am, however and always, in the hands of my God and He is enough for me. I tend to think I have more work to do here, but He will do all the deciding and I am comfortable with Him in charge. Please add me to your prayers. Ilove you all.


Kathryn said...

Hi...I'm one of Mary Beth's RevGalBlogPals, just dropping in to send you love and prayers...Hoping the new cardiologist has something helpful and constructive to suggest.

Cathy said...

HI Mary,
I am so sorry to hear that it was a heart attack, but glad they diagnosed it and DO KNOW what it was. Praying for you friend.

My son is at Mexico Beach for the week. I look at the beach cam at St. Teresa and St. George Island daily. Think of you when I look at St. Teresa. Love you. Cathy

Mary Beth said...

Love you TOOOOOOOO!!!!