Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Triumph

What an exciting morning. Our youngest granddaughter,Mallory, (4th grader at Irion Co. Elem) won the local spelling bee for the second year in a row! This morning, DH and I met Nancy and Mally for the area Bee. Last year, Mally hadn't realized it might be prudent to study, but this year all we ever heard was "Give me a word!" Among her opponents was a 13 year old home schooled girl who won next year and was not able to win in Washington.

It was pretty hair raising, but Mally kept her cool and is now the runner up to this same winner! This girl will not compete again as she will be too old, so maybe next year a trip to Washington is in the future for us. Mally remembered to ask for word origin, derivation, for a sentence and for a definition. She spelled primal, existence, enunciate, homuncular, and missed on decedent.

Family triumphs are among the best, aren't they? And aren't we proud of all our grands - all 11 of them!? You bet we are.

Note - I wonder if it will tell the Angelo school board anything to know that of the last 5 contestants standing, only one was in their schools - three were in other county schools and that one is home schooled. It tells me a lot.

We started spelling bees in 1938 when I was in 3rd grade. I loved them and did quite well. Not the same story when we did math, tho.

Dad is watching the Blue Angels (?) do formation flying at the airport, and I am resting. Still do thatbest.

Next thing up!. Sarah's visit on Monday. Yeaaaaa..



Cathy said...

Congratulations, Mally! Spelling bees were one of my favorite things to do in school! Keep up the good work!

Allykins99 said...

Congrats to Mallory! She is such a smart girl!

- Katie