Friday, March 14, 2008

It's nearly here...

Easter will soon be here. I have just started Lent, it seems. I know I spent a couple of days in hospital but that can't account for the speedup of time. Product of my age, possibly.

We had a stations of the cross procession last Sunday night, which I didn't attend,as I don't walk far, nor do I stand. We have these stations at our church, but most of us didn't know why those particulary pictures were hung in such strange places all over the church. Our new priest is much more in tune with this and we have discussed hanging them all in the parish hall where the infirm can sit and learn and pray, rather than miss this. I don't begin to understand it all, but expect to as we go.

Daughter #2 will be here for that week, but is not interested in participating in these services with us, so she will stay home for them. She is comfortable with this and I accept it. I am scheduled to be LEM for the Sunday service, but will see if I am able and if not DH will fill in for me. I am also scheduled for Easter Sunday, and will surely be able by then.

Thought for the day: Don't judge people by what they read, but by what they reread.

Many blessings to all.


Mary Beth said...

We did Stations last night at DOK - my wonderful friend Amy (the seminarian) led us.

I have a really hard time with stations. they make me want to run away. it's too hard and painful...all the emotion of Holy week in 30 minutes!

So clearly I need to do them some more. But not again, this Lent.

Mary Beth said...

have fun with S! Woot!