Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lost times

These last few weeks have been on the lost side.....First I was in hospital for an arteriogram. Results, a whole new way of eating and living. Then, Dad has flu and dehydrates (for the 5th time) and is put in emergency room and stays in hosp. a couple of days. Hospitals are supposed to be places to recover, but it's difficult when you are waked constantly and poked a lot. I do have to say the food there is outstanding! And you are only give a menu that meets what your medical needs are, so you don't realize your choices are limited. Smart, those dieticians.

Anyway, we missed Holy Week, Easter and lots of other days. Now we are home and beginning again. Nancy was a trouper thru this and even missed work to be with us and haul us around. Also Scooter who brought food and meds as well.

It is over. We are picking up the pieces of our lives and weaving ourselves back in with them.

On a good note, an east Texas weaver is demonstrating and selling at the Chicken Farm First Weekend on Saturday next I'm going to see her and hope to use her as a connection point to other weavers here. I spin with a group but don't know any other weavers.

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Cathy said...

It is good to know you are on the back side of the illness you all have had. Take care all of you!