Thursday, March 20, 2008

Genetic recognition

This is a funny title for a funny(odd) subject. I come from such a big family and we all mostly look like one another, tho one branch looks like my paternal grandad, that when a new child is born, I can look and say "Yes, I do know you - welcome to the world!"

And I remember a deal friend who was adopted as an infant and only knows that his natural parents are Irish - he and his mom took a trip to Ireland and he fell in love with it. He says it is where everybody looks like him and he finally feels at home.

In reading Smithdsonian(Ithink) the other day, I found a photo of a little boy whom I know. Not know, you see, but kythe know. He is the image of my dad, uncle and aunt's childrens photos, and I suddenly want him terribly. I want to raise him and love him because I KNOW him. This is totally impractical and not possible of course, at 76 for me and 82 for DH. Besides, (and this is a big besides) he is a Shia Moslem living in Afghanistan, or the Bamian sect. They live up where the Taliban blew up the statues of the Buddhas. I was really puzzled by this, till I remembered that the Arabs ruled Portugal for a number of years and much intermariage took place (etc.) My great grandfather is from Portugal so, now I know I am part Arab. Actually we are all part of everyone if you get right down to it. But this was an interesting experience. I have presumptiously named him David and shall pray for David regularly. But I get a large kick out of fantasizing that I really could go and ask David's parents to have him come andlive with me. Imagination is a wonderful thing, even if I sometimes carry it too far.

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Mary Beth said...

You rock!!

Can imagination go too far? I don't see how, unless it incapacitates you...

loves, mb