Friday, April 18, 2008

better, and more

Today the week winds down. I know,I don't have regular weeks anymore, but there is always a defining time between M-F and S+S. Like,most doctors don't want to see you on the weekends.

Good results today at the urologist's office. No stones, no abnormalities, just a pattern of repeated infectons, and so a 6 month low grade antibiotic Rx and then we'll see how it goes. Made appts. for colonoscopy. It's time, and after Bill's problem, one that is right in front of me now. My GP and my cardiologist are having something of a polite war. Both have scheduled the same blood lipid tests for the same day. Medicare would love that. I'll figure out how to solve that. They each want the other one to go away. I must be desirable. Or maybe it's the fortune they get from Medicare??? I did have a pulmonary test and discovered that all my shortness of breath is only asthma, so back to the inhaler. Now, this update, which I am sure you are all dying to know about, is over.

In the midst of all that is happening to us personally, we are living in the middle of the FDLS child custody mess. More and more keeps coming out about the conditioning of women from babyhood to accept direction with no arguments. They seem like such earnest, kind people, but apparently that's only when they have it their way. And then I wondered about our cultural bias with regard to children being forced into sexual situations and having children before their bodies are really ready. There are people all over the world who do this routinely. Some of these are the ones who practice genital mutilation of girl children. Read Ali's book on this - Infidel. I am reading Queen Noor's autobiography and her perception of Islam in contrast to Ali's is unbelievable. You have to wonder if these people even live on the same planet. I realize that education, or lack of it has to have a lot to do with these differences. I still think we are right and the FDLS is not, and I guess all I can do is go with what is Biblical and what I am acculturated to believe.

Meantime, I have a symphony this Saturday night. Shell seekers is coming on TV and is apparently a remake. Hope to get the recorder working before then. Nancy is coming today to put in my printer cartridges. Some manufacturers just seem to have fun making things difficult for people like me. There is a place for the cartridges, but they won't go in. Bleah.

Oh, we are now eating turkey meatloaf, and by jiminy is really good.!

In answer to some of MB's Friday Five,
1. change where you are for a day - I'd go to Greece
2. change physical appearance - I'd go back to 24, just to remember what it s to be young.
3. change jobs - doctor for me!
4. person from another time - daddy - I wasn't thru asking him questions
5. have a magical quality - healing

Thought for the day (from Dorothy Parker)
The cure for boredom is curiousity. There is no cure for curiosity.
(But be very careful not to quash it in kids. )

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