Saturday, April 26, 2008

Five words

Five words I could do without reading Anywhere at all, for a very, very long time. FLDS, cult,Clinton, Obama, McCain.
There, that's done. I am heartbroken about all those children and their families. I have much admiration for the way this judge is handling all of it, but it needs to be over, over, over. Youngest niece, from out this way, helped make blankies for all those little ones.

Doctor dearest informs me that I have the beginnings of COPD - which my dad had. Also I have to have a colonoscopy on Friday. I am back to my very best word of all time - WHATEVER! I am just going to have tomorrow and then the next day, and on and on. Whatever happens is just dandy.

We heard a concert by the Vocal Majority tonight. Outstanding!. Part of their songs were done with the Angelo Symphony accompanying then. The last part was more like a standard chorale while the first was their thing - barber shop singing. One of the singers was about 10.

We are doing a series of ads for our church in the local paper, with a photo of the person and 50 words saying why we go to Good Shepherd Anglican. This was my day. I will see if I can get it on here. Not a good photo. Bah.

I had a marvelous new recipe for pork (chops, sliced roast, etc.) and I didn't make it because I didn't have what I needed,. So I substituted what felt right and came up with some really good stuff!. Anybody interested, I will send it along.

Many blessings to everybody.....


Barbara said...

MJ: Katie and I want your pork recipe. Please post on your blog for us. Love, Barbara

Mary Beth said...

me too!

If it was an ad it may not be on the web. But if you will cut and send it to me, I can probably scan and get it on the blog for you.

:) love

hey they have a new drug now for colonoscopy so you are ASLEEP. Ask for it!