Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some days...........

There are days, sometimes weeks, that are singlularly unprofitable. We seem stuck in a series of these. Neither of us feels really well, I am still coming to terms with Bill's death - I hope I do it soom - and a variety of other things. Weather is one of them. We have so enjoyed the winter and spring, but summer is pretty wretched in terms of being outside.

We do enjoy going to Mertzon to see g'son Spence play machine pitch baseball, and another is coming up tomorrow night. I will try to borrow Saxon for the night and for Saturday. I am in the midst of trying to make my small garden look the way I want it to look. The bloomings are cooperating, but I need to move a couple of shrubs and freshen the dirt in pots and replant. I know exactly what I want but can't get my body to cooperate. Saxon likes to garden and especially to fertilize. A couple of years ago he bought me a special hose attachment to fertilize while you water. That's his favorite. Not only does he get to have fun, I pay him. These kids get an allowance, and after a percentage goes to the church and another to savings, they like to add to their stash. Great for Nancy, too, because when they ask for things, she tells them to get it out of their money. These grandkids really have great parents. (Of course all of mine do).

Now, I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone with a lady who is way, way worse off than I am, so I will jerk on my bootstraps and try to pull myself up with them. There's nothing like a little phone ministry to make you realize that you aren't so bad off as you thought you might be. There's work to be done. Christine is here and I need to be with her to supplement what she does to get the most out of her time here. I pray I will get it together - and soon.

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