Friday, April 4, 2008

No more miasma

Don't you just love the word 'miasma'? I use it variously, but we seem to have been swimming through a miasma of illness. It left on Wednesday and now we both feel better. Dad went to dr. this AM and was pronounced in good shape and his insulin lowered. The doctor did tell him he looked like 'death warmed over' in the hospital. He promises to drink the next time I tell him to, but ---been there, done that. I can always call Nancy and she can probably get him to drink. He seems to do what she tells him to do. Wish I knew the secret to her success, but as long as she's around I won't need it.

We went to church Wednesday night and were greeted like well loved and lost friends. It was nice to be so missed, but we're glad to be back. We are taking a group from the choir (including our wonderful, magnificent guitarists and bass) and singing for the 'entertainment' for the RCW monthly birthday dinner. We all love to sing, and sound pretty good, so maybe they'll think it 'entertainment'. We hope. We also hope some of them might come to our church.

Just had the funniest video on 'worm gruntin' from our old home ' Sopchoppy, Fla. Well, sort of. We didn't live in Sopchoppy, but at St. Teresa and our mail went to Sopchoppy. I remember my dad nearly fell out of the chair laughing when he found out what our address would be. If anyone wants, we can put this short video on here, (Mary Beth can, anyway) but basically worm gruntin is going our in the piney woods and on the old basis of a stick in the ground and rubbing another against it, and the worms will rise up and out of the earth. Then you grab them and pop them into the can. Daddy taught me to do this as a child. We went 'worm gruntin' on the way to go fishing. Bait, of course. He also taught me to look for the scrub oaks in the piney woods and pull catawaba worms off the back of the leaves to use for bait. Funny the things you learn based on where you grow up. We are going to St. Teresa in August this year (pray for good weather) and I plan to come home with a 'worm gruntin' tee shirt from beautiful downtown Sopchoppy. I miss being there but it doesn't compare with being with family.

We are having such weird weather - I don't know whether to set the thermostat to heat and have it come on at 60 degrees, or to set it on cool and have it cut in at 79. Big difference here. I think it's best just to leave it alone.

They have royally torn up both ends of HEB. You'd think they would do one end at a time, but it is time for me to go and fight my way through the mess. I am still learning to cook for a healthy heart, and to also please Dad. Last night, he said 'chicken again?'. Then Nancy called and we met her at IHOP and I ate fish and he ate pork.

I am dragging my feet on the grocery thing. Up, up, up and GO.


Cathy said...

Wasn't the worm grunting a great video?

I saw George Griffin and he asked about you both - he spoke so fondly of you.

So August is the month!

MJ said...

Loved the video and dearly love George. He just married again - a Filipino (?) woman with two kids. I am praying that this is the one that will make him happy. He's had two bad experiences and he is such a simple, truthful and loving man, it's his turn to be happy.

Yep, second week in August. The Scottw will be down the beach at Metzkes and we will be at Cousin Graces. More into later. I know MB and I want to do Apalach one day.