Monday, April 7, 2008

Rating our shocks?

Life is full of little shocks and you think you are doing well just coping calmly with then. Then, every once in a while, you get a real whammy! Yesterday, Sarah called to tell us that Bill is dead. He is my firstborn, and while he could be a real poop, he could also be really sweet. We have been estranged from Bill since the summer of 1991. Finally, after a particlarly telling sermon on forgiveness, Dad wrote Bill to ask forgiveness, and I did likewise. And it was granted. God truly does have all things planned,. We heard the sermon and it was up to us to act or not. I am so grateful that we did it, as it now would be too late. We are grateful also to have a priest who follows God's leading, wherever it may go. He probably wouldnt have preached that particular sermon just them without leading.

We are going to Newark probably on Thursday for a Friday memorial service. I spoke with Bill's dad and he is going to try to come.

We won't know, officially, the cause of death for over a month, but I am sure as I can be that it was a heart attack. Our family has them right and left and he was also diabetic and overweight. He'd been having chest pains and attributed it to indigestion. I've been known to do that, but never again. And he was spared being ill and being an invalid. He would have been most ungracious about that. I know 'fer shur' that he is happy now that he is home.

I am canceling doctor visits right and left and leaving the choir to do some special music on Thursday night. We are by no means essential and it takes something like this to bring it home to us.

More on a happier note, another day.


Cathy said...

MJ, I am so sorry to hear the death of your son. It isn't supposed to happen this way, is it? I have prayed for you and your family after reading on it on MB's blog. May light perpetual shine upon Bill and be gracious.

Love to you all....

Mary Beth said...

love you. see you soon.