Sunday, April 20, 2008

the constant dangers

We are all at the mercy of the elements, no matter where we live. Different types of disasters happen in different places. Here one of ours is fire. I thought the Scott's were out of town for the weekend, and it turns out that they have been fighting a fire on the ranch for two days. This was a pretty big one and the wind was extremely high, and pushing the fire rapidly. No one was available to come as all the other volunteer personnel were fighting fires in other places. So from the Carrillo's son (about 7) to their grandfather (85-90?) there were 10 people out there, including our kids. They had inadequate equipment and are now purchasing a sprayer truck and a machine which will clear fire lanes (it has a name but I forget it). They worked all day, for two days, and after dark, had to keep checking to see if there were smoldering embers just waiting for the next day's wind. There were. The last morning there were a few smoky places, but it seems out now. When you consider what is at stake - lives, livestock, wildlife, oil wells, homes and other buildings, this could have been disastrous. Thank God it was only exhausting.

Nancy came by and put in the cartridges and showed me how to do this for the printer. We are just from another generation and our brain grooves are pretty set. It is not easy to make new ones when new technology does things we never dreamed of. I even remember getting our first radio. Big deal! There wasn't much on it but daddy never missed "Amos 'n Andy". It made him bend double laughting. So did Abbott and Costello and the Three Stooges when he took me to the movies. Yes, children, we did have movies, even talkies when I was little.

Now, I have two days with no appointments. Yeaaaaaaa! Vissit to library is definitely on, then the latter part of the week, back to the doctors. Never mind. This, too, will pass, and I will be very, very healthy.

Sarah and MB spent Saturday making casseroles for the Austin family for their freezer. We are a weird family, but we are really loving and nice.


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