Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was just remembering all the crazy adventures we have had. There was a New Years Eve when we were driving late, trying to hook up with the Pentons at a hunting lease the men had used. We had a car full of food, fortunately. George was in his car and was leading us. Got off the road somehow and found a high hill we started to drive up. It had been raining and all was mud. I stopped for a minute because we were driving in pea soup fog, and the instant I did, I felt the car sliding off to the left side of the road. Dad stopped because I did and his car did the same thing. In brief, he had to go down to the farmhouse at the bottom of the hill and get the farmer who came with his tractor and dragged us out into his cut cornfield. We drove down the cornfield, being advised to stay off the road. George was really ticked with me. Said if I hadn't stopped we wouldn't have slid. Maybe, but second guessing doesn't work.

Eventually we found our way to a strange little place with cottages and one the right size for us. I had plenty of cooked food, but we found very little in the way of pots, plates, etc. Somehow we all managed to get food into ourselves. But the serendipity comes in that I walked a few steps out of the cottage to try to see something. I went back, not being able to see ahead of me.

The next morning we woke to brilliant sunshine, and after some coffee and tarts, we ran outside, to find ourselves on top of a sheer cliff with the Frio river down below. Many more steps and I would have been down there, the night before. Of course we had to drive down and play in the river and swim, just right there by the roadside. It was a blessing to put all of Friday night's misery away and revel in the beauty of Saturday and sunshine. What a difference light puts in our lives - we always need to be able to see the way ahead or to trust the hand that holds us back when we can't see where we are going.

In other news, Spencer spent the night last night. For awhile I had all three as Dad was busy. We made a trip to grocery store and I was happily surprised to find all three willing to go and find the things we needed, and be where I needed them when it was time to leave. They really have great structure skills. We are blessed. After everyone else left, we played Scrabble until bedtime, had barbecued weiners and rice with veg soup. Spencer and I made multi cookies and ate many of them. I won't get on the scale for awhile. This morning he and Dad played mini golf. Spencer didn't win but he did get a hole in one. When they came home, we played Aggravation and Quidler. He does a good job with these word games, and that's a hard one. He's my game player. George usually won't play - he says I always win, but I don't.

Happy days are here - partake of them......


Mywest said...

Hey Mary, email when you get a chance. I'd like to write a story about a blogger such as yourself for the Midland newspaper.
-- Jimmy Patterson
Online Editor

Eileen said...

Blessing MJ, I just found your blogger info after deleting numerous emails. Enjoyed reading your accounts.. Especailly this one. Lately God has really been showing us the beauty that comes out of the ashes, as the morning sunshine refreshed your soul, so does the LORD make the Sonshine in the dark places. May His light continue to illumine the scary, hairy, places of our lives.