Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yesterday, I was slumbering peacefully when the shop called to say "wasn't I supposed to be there working?" I wasn't, but it was sort of a fruit basket turnover mixup. I went out for the afternoon stint and learned to my shock, that the store is closing. The 50% off sale starts Tuesday, so Stella told me to take what I wanted at that price. Apparently they have not been making ends meet, much less a profit. It was such a great idea and a great store, but things sort of changed from antiques to cutesy little stuff. There goes my sometime Saturday employment. Our priest and I will go out on Tuesday and look at the hand thrown sets of paten and chalices. I hope we find something he likes.

At stitchers guild last week, I had to pull out knitting. This may sound easy to you, but it is an article of faith with me that I don't rip out stitches I have put it. I say things like "it's a design element' or 'I meant it to look like that' or 'isn't that an interesting effect?". I just don't rip. And I had to rip. Was making a stole of oranges (AGAIN!) and put a bit of purple in it. Honest, I have a photo of one and it is loverly or I would never try that. I just got a bit too much purple and some needed to come out. The yarn was knotty stuff and wouldn't come out. A couple of times I had to cut it. I didn't cuss, but I did snarl and grouse and grump. I'm sure everyone was glad I was there. Never again, I hope.

A couple in our church threw a 'belgian waffle party' after church for the choir and we just made it home. It was a wonderful party - this couple really knows how to entertain and their house is grand - it would be hard for us - it is on about 6 levels, counting the decks, but then we don't live there. There is a one floor elevator in it.

We filled out forms at church for a consultant to tell us what we need to do to grow. I hope he comes up with something good.

The coming week looks good. Sarah is supposed to come and get the hot tub and I plan to make the back patio/porch look nicer and hopefully spend some time out there. Have a new cleaner and I would kiss her feet if I could reach them. But I think she is happy here without that. She even moves big chairs and cleans under them. I am in awe.

Peace, joy and love to you all....

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Mary Beth said...

Ugh, sorry to hear this news about the shop. It is too bad, really.

And I hear you about ripping! I do NOT like to do that.

Who is coming to get your hot tub? and what will they be doing with it? Hmm? You need the hot tub, no?