Tuesday, July 29, 2008

looking up

Things are doing that!. Looking up, that is. Somehow when MB was here we managed to get most of the floor of the studio visible. Although it may decimate the vacuum, we will proceed to try to vacuum in here. I have shelves and cupboards. Typically, books on shelves, yarn in cupboards, but I want to see the yarns. All the time. MB suggested moving the books to the cupboards. They have odd hinges and it would be a maassive undertaking to take them off. I may call the staff here to do that, tho. I think it comes under their purview. If I can see the yarn, I won't have to take out the huge bag of greens, or purples, or greys, or whatever and just play with it and plan projects.

Mary Beth will be back in September and we are so glad. Nancy and crew are in the middle of offering computer camp at her school. This is a yearly thing. There is one for adults also at another time. She keeps a grand website from her classroom and parents (or anyone) can log on and find out what is being taught, how and how they can help. I am in awe. If you read the funnies, this mornings "Zits" was wonderful. It was a teenager twisting himself into a pretzel to keep from exploding as his parents tried to decide which control to use for some electronic. Frankly, we have two and I try not to touch them. With one you turn it on and control volume. With the other you change channels. Why is this hard to remember? If you have an answer do tell me.

Off now to have a "discussion" with our pharmacist who charged George $187 for one of his meds, and I don't think he is in the 'donut hole' yet, so it should have been less. Or maybe Januvia is not even covered on our program. Before you all get old enough to use the Medicare related services, be sure someone in the family has a PHD in how to figure all this out.

Grace. love and peace.......

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