Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It was really, really great! Mally had a birthday celebration Friday noon when we met with Nancy and her class for lunch, and again that evening, when she had a chocolate moussey thingy with a candle in it. We all sang loudly. Since her class stayed late on Friday, they finished their work and she was free on Saturday. She really wanted to go on home, but the children had to do their thing of hitting the shops. We had a good time, saw a lot of junk, some of it really expensive, and I sat a lot of the time. I know she was glad to get home. I think she has a week off between summer semesters. This will all be over for her by the end of next May. She is graduating in two places, I think. Whatever. I know she is ready to be through.

For some reason, I am very, very tired. Maybe I need more caffeine. Or something. Meanwhile, I am just doing a lot of sitting. Next post, I will try to move a photo of the children on here for you to see.

Hug people a lot - it makes you both feel better....

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