Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am newly inspired by the yarn harlot blog. She is on a spinning challenge. I think, maybe it is time I dug out the stash of fibers and spun them up. I currently hide them behind the lace cover on the table in the dining room. There's lots. I don't mean hide in the sense of nobody knowing about them, but just keeping the stuff in one place. Spinning well prepared fibers is very peaceful and my fingers are tired of knitting.

Mary Beth, as you go on your mission trip, Dad says take tools, well marked (he actually says paint them maroon and white) as he lost a lot of his. He also got a lot of use out of a wheelbarrow. Of course he was breaking up sheetrock and hauling it out to the street, so the house could dry out and the walls be replaced. He says to take a pillow too. I bow to his superior knowledge. I was teaching at the time and didn't go on that trip. Keep us all posted on how it goes.

I am reading an interesting book - Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. It is the story of Mormonism and really shows it as a violent faith. He also wrote one called Into Thin Air, which Dad is reading.. This is his story of his trip to the top of Mt. Everest in 1946. I may read this also, tho I usually stick to fiction and biographies. I think I am going to learn more about the Mormon church than I ever wanted to know, and it is already making me sick to read some of this stuff. It takes brainwashing to be a good Mormon, I think.

We had training tonight for serving as LEM at church and taking communion to those who are ill, either at home or in hospitals or nursing homes. My job is to sing to them after communion. We have actually not been doing this quite the way they want us to, so training is a good thing.


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