Friday, July 18, 2008

This is a big family.....

Sarah and Marshall have just departed for home, after almost 4 days here. We enjoyed having them, and tried to let him see as much of the area as possible. We went to Nancy's one day for hot dogs and swimming, then on to the ranch for him to see some of it and for us to see all the changes Nancy and Scooter have made to the hunting house (used to be their home). Marshall and Dad played gooney golf and also some pool at the clubhouse. I did some diagnostic work with him and find him to be very ADHD and to have some visual tracking delays. He and Sarah and I went to the teachers supply house and she found some things to help him. We also took him to Hastings - he really loves the place. The last day, we did a tour of Fort Concho and I think they both really enjoyed that. Mostly I sat, as they took the tour on an extended sort of golf cart. He found some wooden toys he decided to buy and is good with them. At night we played all sorts of games. I think he likes aggravation the best. He listened to some of my Harry Potter books on CD's and Sarah went ahead and bought the first book for him. He so much wants to know these books, but can't read well enough to read them. I think they listened to the book all the way home.

A consultant is coming to church on Sunday and 50 of us have been selected to do a survey to find out what we need to do to grow. George and I will participate. Our choir gets better and better and it is really happy making to sing with these folks.

We're still enjoying the peaches Sarah left (from Weatherford). Tomorrow is an extremely necessary trip to the library and then just rest.

No real excitement here, but joy at a chance to get to know a grandchild I have not been able to get to until now. I look forward to more of this.

Music is the icing on the cupcake of worship.

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